Friday, December 30, 2016

Post X-Mas 2016

Well another year of food, family, baby Jesus and the what not associated with this time of year.

A big shut out first to my sister for this gift of awesome!
Made by Curse Camp Studios

Me, my fun new mask and my special lady on X-mas
A Friday 13th part IV: The Final Chapter replica Jason hockey mask. Yeah it is complete with the machete cut and everything. It comes from a dude they know who makes sweet movie style replicas.
Need lees to say I have been wearing this about to pester the family and scare the "straights" (my neighbors).

Then an assorted look at the gifts given from the kids, my lady and the family
(both regular and in-laws).

My Pop Vinyl fetish is still being fed with Davros, a Niffler and a patina Cthulhu.
A pair of sweet goggles for outdoor work where yard detritus is flying at my face. Plus I can channel
my inner Furyan while wearing them.
Batman Doom, a sweet JLA vs. Legion o' Doom cartoon.
A Mandolorian beanie to keep my brainpan warm.
SOCKS, because I guess I need them?
A new Camelback for power hikes and the 1/2 marathon we are doing again this summer.
A pile of salted and cured meat.
The Last Witchhunter, I know isn't great, but for me it was a guilty pleasure.
Blood Bourne which I have forgotten to buy soooo many times, so I let someone else buy it for me.

Then  a second and huge shout out to my dad for creating this!

A Millennium Falcon snack tray. How cool is this? Very!
Not only is it cool, but some of the wood used was from the lounge couch I had in college (aka the
Joe Mac). That extra touch just made it even cooler.

The bowl is even Star Wars themed. My old man rocks!

Now I can make wookie and YT-1300 noises as I deliver snacks to hungry family and friends.

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