Monday, June 29, 2015

Days of the Dead 2015 convention!

Days of the Dead 2015 in Indianapolis. Our first horror convention ever. 

We went in not knowing what to expect. By the time we left we had had a damn good time. We grabbed some merch, some photos, met some people and actors from our favorite horror flicks.

 "Howdy Folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then, come on down to Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Mad-Men. See the Alligator Boy, ride my famous Murder Ride. Most of all, don't forget to take home some of my tasty fried chicken! Ha ha! It just tastes so damn good! "

Holy crap we met Sid Haig! Captain Spaulding!
I just wish I could have asked him a bunch of jackassy questions.

Friday, June 26, 2015


If the poster isn't enough,.........
........ just watch this.

 Hooper! CannonballRun! Smokey and the Bandit! What a pedigree!

Sometimes you shouldn’t go back and other times is fantastic to relive a bit of the past.

Megaforce is one of those two moments.

As a lad I saw this movie and was taken aback by it. I wanted a motor cycle with missiles and machine guns on it! Who wouldn’t!? Then again I was big G.I.Joe kid and this movie was right in my wheel house.

As an adult I knew going in this would be terrible and squash my fond memories of the film. That being said I sat down to watch a movie I only remembered for the action bits.

Megaforce is an elite military organization the works for the free countries of the world (this is the 80’s so we all know who the good and bad guys are). Their claim to fame seems to be high tech vehicles, recruitment from all the good guy countries (kind of Men in Black) a giant computer room, holograms and sweet sweet spandex uniforms! They are called upon to help the Republic of Sardun from being attacked by the nearby country of Gamibia. Where are these countries? Who cares this is not about geography, it is about action! Meanwhile, the “evil” (due to looking like Fidel Castro I guess) Duke Gurerra and his armored tank division continue to attack the Republic of Sardun. It is up to Commander Ace Hunter (what a sweet ass name and hair) and Megaforce to stop the “evil” Duke Gurerra.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vengeful Spirit review

The planet Molech was brought into the fold many years ago during the Great Crusade. The Emperor himself , along with Horus, Perturbo, Mortarion, the Khan and Fulgrim brought Molech to compliance.

Molech also has a huge garrison of imperial tanks, troops and super heavies. It also is home to a few hundred Ultramarines and Blood Angels. A titan legion and their Mechanicum support are also stationed here including a gigundus Imperator Titan. Finally, there are several noble houses that each have their own force of Imperial Knights. If this is a compliant and happy planet, then why did the Emperor leave so many troops here?

That is what Horus is trying to discover (and Graham McNeill is going to tell us ) in Vengeful Spirit.
The Sons of Horus are on the march and heading to Molech. Here Horus hopes to discover what the Emperor has hidden from him and the other Primarchs who helped pull Molech back into the Imperium of Man. Can the combined force of Sons of Horus, Death Guard and some shenanigans from Fulgrim break through the Imperial forces and find this super cool secret?

Meanwhile, House Devine, one of the noble houses on Molech, is having a bit of a family tiff that leads to some usurping and restructuring. They are on the fence on whether to side with the approaching Sons of Horus or to fight for the Emperor. I guess they need to commune with their white snake worshipping cult to decide. Just another snake cult huh? Yeah, guess who is causing those problems.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Zombie juice?

The past weekend we went out for a minor personal achievement celebration. While devouring delicious sliders, waffle fries and cheese of the fried curd variety we also partook in the glory of adult beverages.

Now I am not an alcohol connoisseur. I will try many drinks and I definitely know what I dislike when it comes to booze. I have a tendency to try booze based on a cool name and/or label. I know that is not the correct (or pompous) way to choose booze. However, it is sure as hell is more fun that way!

When a beverage title of Zombie Killer was listed it easily drew our attention. I mean come on! It is called zombie killer! How can we not try it?

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser is made from apples, honey and cherries. Hmmm…a mead like beverage huh? Why the hell not!

How was it?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

40 years and still awesome!

jaws 40th

Well technically it was yesterday that Jaws was officially released 40 years ago, but we are celebrating today.

Well a local movie establishment is playing it IMAX style.
My self and my special lady friend are off to grub, grab an adult beverage (or two) and then go see one our all time favorites.

Sure we have seen it too many times to count. yet, we were never able to experience it on the big screen.

How awesome to have seen it all those years ago and experience the crowd reactions?
How cool to witness THE first summer blockbuster?

Who's the proud birthday boy?!

Well off to go cheer on my favorite carcharodon as he eats his way through Ammity Island!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jurassic World review

Alright, let us forget that Jurassic Park: The lost World and Jurassic Park III ever existed. Why? Well because Jurassic World has done just that.


Jurassic World tells the tale of two brothers, Zach and Grey, on a X-mas vacation at a theme park full of dinosaurs. See Jurassic park fell flat, but after 20+ years it is a thriving theme park and now known as Jurassic World. Wouldn’t you know it, Zach and Grey’s aunt Claire runs the day to day operations of the park. Hmmmm….this seems familiar. Zach and Grey head out to explore the world that is Jurassic and of course run into dino troubles!

Jump back a second here…..

Now it seems that the theme park is losing money and interest with people. Because you know how boring dinosaurs are right. Anyway the park scientists have been cooking up a sweet new dino hybrid named the Indominus Rex (sounds like a lame college radio band). This new hybrid is supposed to be all the rage (since it was spliced together with all manner of crazy stuff) and will get investors and visitors super excited! However, it all goes to hell when the damn super hybrid Indominus Rex escapes and wreaks havoc on the other dinosaurs and people in the park.

Jump over to this guy, Owen, who is training Raptors to obey commands so they won’t eat people I guess. This of course leads to Owen and Claire trying to rescue the boys, not get eaten and save the day all at the same time. Hmmm…..sounds familiar still.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Zombie Yahtzee?

When a world is over saturated with zombie stuff what do you do? Well you embrace it and play as many zombie themed games as possible. This time around it is Zombie Dice!

 Zombie Dice is a Steve Jackson Game and that makes it a potential winner right there. For those few outside the know, Steve Jackson Games gave us the Munchkin series of card games and those are fantastic! I had no worries when I grabbed this game. If you made Munckin, then your other games should be good too. Right?

If you couldn’t guess this is a dice based game, and it is for 2 or more people. The object is to randomly roll dice and achieve a score of 13. The hook? Well you see every player is a brain starved zombie. The dice represent humans and their sweet spicy brains. Each dice has an amount of brain symbols. When those are rolled you have devoured another hapless victim and filled your rotting body with sustenance.  

See it is that simple.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Well this also happened last week

New Privateer stuff!

Every damn time I see this all I see and hear is "THUNDER MACHINE!"
Great looking vehicle and an even better name!
For so unknown reason...I really want one of these.

An armored elf with a big nasty sword and fancy armor.
Meh! Poncy elves!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just need two items....

....a PS4 and a plethora of uninterrupted hours. 

Fallout 4 is on the horizon! Damn it! That means I want to play Fallout 3 again and then grab a new system. I wasn't looking forward to getting a PS4. Well until now.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekly Schlock and Awesome!

There is Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Herbert West, Dr. Moreau, Dr. Hans Zarkov, Dr. Samuel Loomis, Dr. Zaius, Dr. Clayton Forrester and now……….

Well this was going to happen sooner or later it was going to happen. I decided to revisit Dr. Giggles.
Say it with me children….Dr. Giggles.

I did see this a millennium ago and barley remembered anything save the major plot point; this movie has a kill crazy giggling doctor in it.

Evan Rendell Jr. is the son of a small town, Moorehigh, doctor and his loving wife. Now after mom/wife dies then Dr. Rendell Sr. goes nuts and starts killing townsfolk. Dr.Rendell is stopped and Evan Jr. is eventually found (in a fantastic flashback reveal) and thrown in the looney bind for life. Eventually, Evan Jr. escapes and returns to Moorehigh to his family home. Here he picks up his father’s work. He starts killing his way through the town medically and surgically.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Westeros, I have picked a side

Who should sit here?

When Game o’ Thrones started on the HBO I was hooked almost instantly. I found myself backing the Starks, mostly due to Sean Bean, when it came to the turmoil in Westeros. Well that didn’t last, due to the fact that the Starks didn’t last.

So much potential.....

I was then thrown into a spiral of just not siding with any one person or group. I mean was I supposed to root for the despicable incest family, the creep-o running the whore house, the jerk who has a crazy ginger telling him what to do, the weirdoes who hunt and skin people, the men in black who live at a wall, the lady and her non-pet dragons and army of eunuchs, the non-arabs, the crazy lady and her breast feeding son, the little girl out for revenge, a bunch of frozen wasteland Vikings, the crippled animal psychic and his mentally challenged human mount (or Game o’ Thrones Master Blaster)? There really isn’t a group I truly care about anymore.

Sure I should have chosen the dragon lady, but since her horse Klingon husband died, she isn’t nearly as cool. Plus her dragons are drek. She has the version of the nuclear option in this world and cannot use or control it. I keep wanting some awesome dragon stuff to occur and it rarely ever does. The dragon stuff has become too much of a tease and it will remain that way for gods know how long. I mean if they could just fly over with three dragons and burn all the a-holes to cinders, then what would be the point right? Well besides ending all this quibbling and having a definitive winner and end. I know how shallow and pedantic.

 Oh, your kids are rambunctious? Daenerys Targaryen tries to tame dragons.
This is in my wheelhouse, but nothing good has come from it.

Well, all this has changed thanks to the episode from Sunday night, Hardhome. This was your typical episode until the last 15-20 minutes. This is where I finally chose my side.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Well Hollywood which gives me so much enjoyment and so much pain is at it again. This time they are messing with a film that is one of my all time favorites.

Big trouble in Little China.

Why? Just why does anyone think this needs a reboot? Why?

Even better...why does anyone think the Rock should be or could be Jack Burton?

The Rock; Kurt Russell in "Big Trouble in Little China" (Getty; Fox)
Horrible news here

More horrible news here

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blood in the Forrest review**

**originally written last year after our Gencon order was received. Forgot to post this back then. Ooops!

We finally broke open the next expansion for the series of Last Night on Earth games. This is Blood in the Forrest and it is an add on to the Timber Peak expansion/stand alone.

Now the Flying Frog people have done a bang up job when it comes to zombie survival horror board games. I have them all and enjoy the hell out of them!

Timber Peak is a bit of a sequel to the Last Night on Earth game and the Growing Hunger, and Survival of the Fittest  add-ons. It added an experience and upgrade element for the survivors and zombie hordes. Other than that it stayed the same game. Now, Blood in the Forrest continues all the same gameplay mechanics and adds more stuff.

More stuff? Like what?