Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl conumdrum

Well another NFL season has reached the pinnacle. I would say it was a great season…but was it? There was just a lot of off the field  horseshit happening when it started and there is just as much horseshit happening as it ended.
I was hoping this was going to be a good game, between one of the great (I hate saying it but it is true) quarterbacks and a defense that is setting itself as one of the best (I hate saying this too) in many many years. However, now I have nothing but an overwhelming feeling of apathy about the coming championship.
First, I really dislike Seattle. They have Pete Carroll who throws a tanty everytime something doesn’t go his and he coached USC.  Second is all the monikers they have: Legion of Boom, Beast Mode, the 12th Man (Seattle didn’t create this but sure acts like it). Enough already. Pick one fun little moniker and move along. Then there is Marshawn Lynch and the nonsense surrounding him, that he himself has caused. Plus, I just can’t get behind a team that comes from the same city as grunge music and Starbucks. I can’t root for the nonsense from the Pacific Northwest.
Ever stupid time there is an issue with or against the Seahawks.
How can I root for the Patriots though? Screw Boston and their baked beans and wryd cream pie. I mean Tom Brady is a damn fine quarterback. Even if you hate the guy, you still know he is really damn good. Plus he has those smoldering bedroom eyes. Then there is Bill Belichick who might be a death eater or a sith lord. He is completely unlikeable, but he seems to be able to coach pretty well. Now there are all the cheating allegations surrounding the team. True or not it is a black mark that will always be there. How can I cheer for these clowns? I can’t.


The media hasn’t helped either. I usually ignore all the pre-game stuff as does the majority of the talking heads. However, this year it is everywhere. Every damn day is more ball stories and Lynch shenanigans. It is inescapable. All the non-sports outlets are covering this crap. I had no trouble walking away from ESPN, but I can’t get through local news without mention of this crap. Enough already! Who fraking cares?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekly Schlock and awe!

Cliffhanger - Poster

Cliffhanger is a Sly Stallone action movie that was sort of a reboot for him. Sure he had his Rambo and Rocky, but he also had his Rhinestone, Oscar and Stop or My Mom will Shoot. Cliffhanger comes along and throws Stallone back into the realm of action stuff.
A lot of the early 90’s action movies followed the Die Hard equation: One Guy + Confined Space or Vehicle +  some Dame (random or known doesn’t matter) + Sum of Money + Charismatic Villain x Guns/Explosions = Action Movie Success!!!!! Cliffhanger follows this equation, but with one real change. They remove the confined space or vehicle and choose giant expansive open environment instead. Does it work?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Stones for Hordes

Another unit of Shifting Stones is complete. These are so damn easy to paint up, even with all the filigree and things of that sort.

Once again I took the easy way out and added flock instead of painting the moss stuff that is modeled on these. I even added some pretty red flowers to a base. What hard could theses stones do? They have pretty red flowers growing near them. Right?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Schlock and awe movie time!

Alright! Wolf Creek! I have heard it touted as an Australian Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Last House on the Left. It is also “based” on true events. Well how could I pass up that?
Three twenty-something’s (Ben, Kristi and Liz) are driving across Australia. Along the way they decide to go for a hike at the Wolf Creek national park. There is a sweet crater there to check out. When they return to their car it will not start. Uh oh! Now what? Well along comes a guy, Mick, in a truck who can give them a tow to his camp and fix their car. This seems sketchy, but this guy seems like a nice bloke or a Australian version of a redneck is how I saw him. He is friendly, calm and gives off a quasi- simpleton feel. They of course agree and off they go  to his abandoned mining camp. Once there he treats them to some stories, a fire, food and water. This is where this road trip goes all akimbo.
wolf 9
Hooray! Party then lets drive across country! What could go wrong?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Venture Bros. end of 5 start of 6

It always seems that I get upset with the people at; Titmouse Inc., Noodle Soup Productions, Astro Base Go! and Williams Street, when it comes to the Venture Brothers. This show started in 2003 and in 2015 we have only 5 seasons (someday 6).

Then the collective “they” give a tidbit now and again to remind us that they still are up to something. This keeps the masses placated and my annoyance and near rage subsides.
Then a night comes along and the collective Venture creators throw out an episode or two. This night I anticipate like X-mas! Why? Well because this show is awesome and always seems to bring me a euphoric feeling that only heroin or crack could palely mimic.
“All this and Gargantua-2” premiered Monday night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scars review

The legions of space marines are in a violent civil war. There have been horrendous losses on both sides. The Warmaster is marshalling his forces. The Emperor is silent. The legions loyal to him are either on Terra or stranded in space. Lines have been drawn. Everyone seems to know where everyone stands. Well….except for the White Scars, those crazy fast non-Mongol Mongols lead by quasi-Genghis Khan.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy still knocking it out!

The newest End o' Times stuff is on the way and it is the Skaven now. Holy crap are their big kits just as impressive as the last few.
Punchy Boneripper

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Space + Venture Bros= so very close now

The trailer for the Venture Brothers special coming up on the 19th (or 18th late night).
So very close now!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Three day football weekend...............

How I felt Sunday by 6:30 P.M.

Well this was looking to be a great football three day weekend. Well it really hasn't been so far.

I'll Start light with the meh! with Seattle and Carolina. Did anyone see any other out come besides a Seattle win? They are hot now and that is bad for the NFC.

The Denver game was awful. I didn't think Denver would make it out of there with a win. I didn't think they would play like absolute turd though. Well better they lose this week then next. Plus I don't have to listen to the droning on of sports people and Peyton vs. Brady again.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Similar ideas are similar


New Forge World Dreadnought


Battletech Warhammer 

I am not the only person seeing this am I?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Schlock and awe movie time!

Well when I think LARP I see this!

I vaguely remember a few years ago a film called Knights of Badassdom was being touted during Comicon coverage. Well then nothing came of it. Well low and behold what do I see on the Netflix, but this very movie. Well since it seemed to not get a theatrical it must have had a giant hiccup somewhere or just be bad.

I knew straight away I had to watch this!
Alright. Here we go!
Knights of Badassdom follows three buddies: Joe, Eric and Hung. Now they all live together and we get that they used to play D&D together. Now one guy moved on but the other two delved deeper and are now LARP’ers (for the few people outside the nerd world that is Live Action Role Playing where you act out role playing games instead of just playing them on the table).  We see Joe get dumped and he is kidnapped by the other two and taken to some big LARP event. There he is coerced into playing along. Why? Well he sees a girl named Gwen and wants to get him some of that. Along the way Eric tries to level up his character by doing a ritual spell. However he just happens to be using a creepy old book he won on Ebay, that low an behold does what? Summons an actual demon. It gets better, see the demon takes the form of Joe’s previous girlfriend. Now the LARP’ers have to face down a creature from beyond with nothing but foam swords.
This was anything  but bad ass. It was a damn horrible mess!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"His name is Dalton."

Alright the best part about having a lady friend that lies to play with toys, is that I have to paint them as well.
Before X-mas she gave me a list of models she wanted to increase her Trollblood forces. Was it wrong to not get two guys that I don’t want to ever face on the tabletop? I think no, but I’m probably in the wrong.
He is no Patrick Swayze

I did grab a Troll Bouncer light warbeast and got it finished before the holiday.

Friday, January 2, 2015

NFL and NCAA play-offs!

The NFL has hit the play-offs and I am in no way excited. Why? Well Denver has limped their way to a #2 seed. I sum up the second half of their season with a bit from Lewis Black.
“They aren’t shitty, shitty, shitty! They’re stinky, farty, smelly!”
That is how Denver has been playing as of late. Maybe a bye week will get them on the right path?
Speaking of the right path that is where New England, Dallas, Seattle and Green Bay have been as of late. Hoo-flipin’-ray! The only thing worse than Denver getting to and losing a Superbowl would be for Tom “Look deep into my dreamy eyes.” Brady to win another championship. Worse would be for that shit-kickin’ hick Jerry Joes to win something. Worse still would be having to watch Pete Carroll in the Super Bowl again, or any game again, on the sidelines with his antics, or have to listen to the whole 12th man beast mode crap again. Man I hate that guy! Even worse is for the meat head Packer fans to have something to celebrate. I can only dream for Denver to win it all or lose before they have to face New England on the road. That is where I am at this post season, and it is not a super fun place.
Speaking of playoffs, the NCAA had theirs yesterday. Holy crap did I not watch the games and should have! I couldn’t watch another game where Florida State won when they should have been beat. Plus I figured Alabama would bend Ohio State over for proper pants down spanking. Instead I introduced my spec ail lady friend to the Harry Potter world of films. Yeah this guy gave up football for wizards. Damn I’m a nerd!