Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Necron review fast, Canoptek Wraith

When a Necron world slumbers not everything is shutdown; there are repairs to be made, equipment maintenance and a constant watch kept. The bulk of the Necrons will not be doing this. They do not pull shifts while they sit in stasis. Instead they built an advanced watchdog/repairman to fulfill these roles.
Wraiths now..............
They are Canoptek Wraith and they are as helpful as they are deadly. They have a modified phase shifter that is used to help them with repairs. They can move through the giant machines that power Necron worlds and work within them. They are able to sort of blink into and out of reality. It is much easier to make repairs from inside these machines than taking them apart to solve the problem. This is also handy for combat as it allows them to move through terrain the same way.

Monday, January 30, 2012

More Chaos stuff finished

My rouge Relictors and Mechanicus just received some reinforcements. The raids on the various Imperial Forgeworlds have given their force these....Legio Cybernetica robots. They were long ago locked away, but were discovered during the latest raid on Forgeworld (name stricken from Imperial record). They now serve to refill the ranks of the Relictors.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Necron review fast, Tomb Blades

The first fast attack unit I’ll cover is the rookie. The other units are old standouts that have been tweaked a bit. We all know them, so why not start fresh.

The Tomb Blades were originally used for combat in outer space. They were released in droves to take out capital ships with gauss and tesla fire. Then the Necron higher-ups thought they would make great planetside combatants as well. Now these are super agile pre-programmed jetbike robots. They follow a set of combat programs until they need to adapt. Then they just cycle through the list of kill-bot protocols to find the next best option and continue the fight. This is done so super fast that it doesn’t affect their battlefield performance.

Monday, January 23, 2012

1st Herald for demons done!

Another one from the backlog of stuff was this Khorne following beastman or is it a Khornegor?

He was a gift from our Raffi (Tom). Thought he would make for a suitable herald. He does have the symbols, armor and skulls to prove his allegiance.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Necron review elites, Flayed Ones

When the Necrons were doing their War in Heaven bit, they used the C’Tan. Well after it was said and done they thought it would be best to destroy the same C’Tan that helped them. One of these was Llandu’gor “the flayer.” He was obliterated by the Necrons, but before he was gone, he cursed them. His curse would spread like a disease through the Necrons and cause them to have a bit of his terrible hunger. After a while it was laughed off, if robots laugh. However, there were some Necrons who got all crazy, craved blood and got themselves blade fingers. They began to just appear during conflicts to revel in the blood and gore. Then they would disappear as the battle waned and the carnage subsided.

I made them, so I guess I'll need to use them
Well the Necron higher ups didn’t like this and started to hunt down these Flayed Ones to stop the spread of their curse. However, they tend to hide in a pocket dimension, but not the same one the Deathmarks use, and are hard to destroy. There even are some Necron leaders that like when the Flayed Ones arrive during a conflict. They sow discord and give aid whether it is needed or not. The Flayed Ones area blessing and a curse, or are they?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The last of the Immortals

I have fleshed out my Immortal squads with these last three guys. This will give me two squads of nine and I think that is acceptable.  I like 7-10 guys in my troop squads, unless I can take up to 10+ in the squad.

While on a painting resupply run at my favorite online miniature store, ChaosOrc's, I saw a listing for cheap old Immortals. I couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have you seen this unit? part 19

I guess I’ll continue this series with another Ork heavy support option, the Big Guns. Now when people think 40K ork they think face punching mobs that shoot guns in the air instead of at targets. Well that is true, but there is a bit of ranged accuracy to be found and that is with the Gretchin/ Grots. They aren’t Astartes, but they do have BS 3 and for an Ork army that is incredible!

Big Guns are the Ork artillery batteries. They can be one of three weapons: Kannons, Lobbas or Zzap Guns. They each come with two Grot gunners and follow the artillery rules. They cost a base double decade per gun to start. They can also purchase additional crew, up to six for +3 points each. They can also grab up to three Ammo Runts (allow one re-roll on a missed to hit) for +3 points each. Finally they can also add a Runt Herder (Ork that keeps the Grots in line) for +  points. This unit can be a single  gun or a unit of up to three.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Necron review elite, Triarch Stalkers

Triarch Stalkers are multi-legged walkers that are used as tank hunters. They are piloted by a high-ranking Triach Praetorian. I’m not sure why, but I guess a record keeping diplomat ass kicking cop is the best pilot for this thing. The multiple legs help the Stalker transverse all types of terrain. It is difficult to protect armor in or behind cover when a Triarch Stalker is on the battlefield. It employs a dedicated vehicle wrecking weapon, but that is not all the Stalker can be used for. It also can transmit targeting data to other Necron units. This data can be used to increase the accuracy of all Necron ranged weaponry. This gives the Triarch Stalker a great battlefield support role as well.
What comes to mind when I hear Triarch Stalkers

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Necron review elite, C'Tan Shard

The C’Tan were the creators of the Necrons, well they made the Necrontyr into the super cool robots they are. They also used them to fight the Old Ones and everything else. Toward the end of this conflict the Necrons realized the C’Tan were D-bags and destroyed them by blowing them into pieces or obliterating them completely. Now the C’Tan are just shards that are kept by the Necrons. Even as shards these guys are still powerful and are only ever released in the direst of situations.
Once they are unleashed they turn from a piece of whatever, into a big monster being that can do all sorts of coolness. They might look like the Grim Reaper, a horned smiling clown, a large and moving Torg or that of a giant Slor! They can melt tanks with a glance! They can rip apart and reshape the very ground you walk upon! The can crush armies into Goron dust! Then they can cut a tomato without squishing it. Then after the fight the Necrons wrangle up this piece of a star god and put him back in the cupboard and lock the door.

"Why is there female genitalia in the middle of my forehead?"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new leader joins my Chaos legion

I finally got around to finishing my Huron model. It looks like he might actually make a game or two sometime. I know he isn't a Demon Prince, the go to HQ choice, but he fits the theme of my legion. He is also such a cool mini that I would probably have bough and painted him anyway. Plus he has a flamer thrower installed in his right hand. How cool is that?

Well what is that cute thing back there? Is it a puppy?

Monday, January 9, 2012

BCS night 2012

Another BCS Championship is here and I am once again atwitter. We have a re-match of what many say was a very sub-par game of #1 vs. #2. Well when the two best defenses match-up this can happen. The only thing I like better than a no holds barred scorefest is when two defensive powerhouses slug it out. It makes the score lower, but each score is so much more gratifying.
Here is to hoping the re-match of Alabama and LSU is a good game. I have no dog in this fight, so I guess I’ll pull for Alabama to win. That way it might screw with the stupid BCS voting/ ranking bit. There is talk of co-champions, which is complete bull. There is also the fact LSU is a yellow and purple team and I just can’t support that color scheme.
This night also harkens the beginning of the end of football season. So I will celebrate it with the ritual friends, wings, pretzeled bread, copious amounts of liquid refreshment and the finest assortment of meats and cheeses.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 gone 2012 ahead

Now that the stupidity of the holiday season is over what do I have to offer?

G.W. stuff is slowly disappearing from my to-do list. The problem becomes what to do when that is all done? I would love to start a new army. I am becoming more of a hobby guy than a gaming guy. However, this requires cash that could be better used elsewhere.

There is also the lack of gaming that is occurring in our little group. We play a few times a year instead of weekly. It is mostly due to real life, other games and Tom being in another state 10 months of the year. We could always try the game stores, but for us, that is an exercise in futility. The local scene is fantasy and we care not for that, although the models in that range are becoming quite awesome!
Then there is the rumor of a new edition on the horizon. I have 3 editions of various rules knocking around in my head now, I'm not sure I want a 4th up there. It is also not a popular idea for the group. So will 6th edition be the end of 40K for us? Maybe, but who really knows? I can really swing either way here. I'll be sad to not play anymore, but happy to not have to spend ever increasing amounts of money on new 40K stuff.

Gaming has me running through Skyrim still. I have too much fun exploring and killing dragons instead of the main quests. It hasn't become stale yet and it will keep me occupied until Diablo 3 hits, or until the release date is announced.

We are looking at 4th edition D&D so that might become a new thing for us old 2nd edition players. I'm hoping the even editions are where it is at. Since 1st was ok, but it had a lot of limits. 2nd edition was the bomb! We looked at 3rd and said no thank you, as did all the other 2nd edition players we know. It might have been fine for naive people just starting, but for the hardcores it was drek (and the idea of D&D 3.5 just sticks in my craw).

The NFL playoffs have also been set and sadly Denver has won the West. How? Well through a wonderful ballet of trips, stumbles and the fact the Raiders suck worse than them. The world has seen what Tim Tebow has to offer and it is still pretty bad. He has a terrible throwing style and is drek in and out of the pocket. However, people are still flocking to him. Why? I still don't know. Either way, the Steelers should put an end to my season of misery. It is very sad that I have to hate my team because of the d-bag player quaterbacking it. Wait they did beat the Bears and that did give me some satisfaction. Stupid Bears!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Dark Eldar, see them now!

This is my horde of Dark Eldar. They were built for the old codex and now look very outdated.
This is what they consist of .....
52 warriors on foot with splinter rifles
2 raiders with 10 warriors (1 upgrade, blaster and splinter cannon) 7 of 10 magnetized to raider
5 dark lance warriors
6 splinter cannon warriors
4 shredder warriors
2 blaster warriors
2 ravagers
3 squad upgraded warriors
old Urien Rakarth
old Lelith Hesperax
1 painted Incubi
1 beast master (dual whips)
7 bikes (1 upgrade biker, 2 blasters)
1 unfinished raider (only need standing platform painted and added)
1 box warriors (unopened)
2 box jet bikes(unopened)
1 box old incubi
2 incubi from Vect's raider

Get a good look. All this will be up on E-bay starting  01/05/12 at 01:00:53 A.M. You know you want to go buy them!

Yup I'm selling all of this. Maybe you can give them a nice tabletop home to game upon! They are just sitting at my house and getting no attention. They need a home and a place to play, take slaves , maim etc.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another model from the backlog done

Many years ago Tom, our groups fritatta, gave me a Pariah. I never had a use for them, but now it seems I do. I give you a Necron Cryptek.

The warscythe was cut and replaced with a spare Wraith hand weapon thingie. It makes for an acceptable (insert fancy Necron name) Staff . It is the bit on the end that makes it special and Necron magiacal!

Monday, January 2, 2012


A rousing 40K game was had by all on the eve of New Years Eve, or last Friday. Tom, our frittata or el cunado (he has been described as both) was here for the holidays. That meant I was going to get a 40K game and hopefully it was better than the last on so many months ago. Picked teams and Lew chose me, poor bastard he was going to have to carry the burden. We rolled for game and it was Capture/Control. There was a mild discussion of the hatred of that game, so we went with kill points. Mike/Tom vs. Lew/Me, it was another classic match-up the slower playing team vs. the faster playing team, well not really but trying to build hype here. We went with the standard 1000 points per guy for a 2000 point show down.
My Night Lords (Blood Angels)
HQ- Reclusiarch
Troop- Assault x5 melta gun
Troop- Assault x5 melta gun
Troop- Assault x5 melta gun
Troop- Assault x 8 rhino, melta gun, thunderhammer
Heavy-Predator- autocannon, heavy bolter sponsons
Heavy-Predator- autocannon, heavy bolter sponsons
Fast-Attack Bike x3 multi-meltax3
Lew’s “soon to be for sale” Imperial Guard
HQ- command squad chimera, missile launcher
Troop- Platoon 1 command, 10 man squad, 10 man squad- Heavy Weapon team lascannon x3
Troop- Platoon 2 command, 10 man squad, 10 man squad- Heavy Weapon team lascannon x3
Heavy- Basilisk
Heavy- Basilisk
Heavy- Hydra x2
Fast- Vendetta
Tom’s “afraid to deep strike without a pod” Blood Angels
HQ-Librarian, blood boil, fear o’ darkness
Troop- Assault Squad x? Drop pod, melta
Troop- Assault Sqaud x?
Elite- Furioso blood talons
Heavy- Dreadnaught twin heavy flamer, drop pod
Fast- Stormraven twin lascannon, multi-melta
Mike’s “we all know it by now” Chaos Space Marines
HQ- Prince nurgle, wings, warp time
Troop- Chaos x7 rhino, melta
Troop- Plague x7 rhino, melta
Heavy- Defiler
Heavy- Predator, possession, autocannon, lascannon sponsons
Heavy- Obliterator x2
They rolled to go first and deployed. The rhinos are filled as is the Stormraven and drop pods. We followed suit. I get Black Rage on a single assault squad and my attack bikes. Tom gets no kill crazy for his Blood Angles. My three 5 man squads are put in deep strike reserve. We hide the squishy guardsmen, who have been placed in combined squads to save kill points. Then the roll was made to seize initiative by me of all people. I rolled that magical and elusive 6. We go first. A sigh and grumble was heard from across the table.