Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Necron guns and gear

Here we go with the gear and guns of the Necron codex.
Like every codex there looks to be some good items, some bad items and some situational items.

Gauntlet of Fire- is a close combat weapon that allows a re-roll to hit and to wound. It can also be fired as a flamer, S 4 AP 5 template. This is a fun item, but not really scary, unless you only play vs. the more numerous and higher armor save armies.
Void Blade- is another close combat weapon. It comes with the Entropic Strike and Rending rules. These would be great with a lot of attacks and on a lot of models. Then they might be worth it.
Hyper Phase Sword- is a gold standard power weapon.  A power weapon that is only available to strength 5 models in this book. In an Astartes world why wouldn’t I want a strength 5 power weapon? Well, probably because of the………….
Warscythe- is a two-handed weapon that adds +2  to the wielder’s strength. It also allows for 2D6 on armor penetration rolls. If that wasn’t enough, armor saves cannot be taken against wounds from this weapon. Now that would make it a power weapon, but it isn’t, it is better? Yeah why not take this weapon over the others? There is no bonus attack lost for an extra close combat weapon, as the Necrons who can take weapon upgrades have no pistol or extra close combat weapons.
Staff of Light- is a ranged weapon that is 12” S5 AP3 and assault 3. It is the gold standard starting weapon for Necron Lords everywhere. Sadly it is no longer a power weapon and is only just a gun.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The metal behemoth arrives to the sound of cheering Chaos troops!

Well here is is the body of the Storm(fill -in the blank).
After a rather long weekend away, I did get sometime to finish this beast yesterday afternoon and late last night.

I added a dozer blade, which is two old school predator dozer blades together, to give it a little umph up front. if the model size wasn't enough already. Sadly, it is a bit crooked, but since it is pinned I can probably bend it a bit to straighten it. Damn I thought it was in better when the glue was drying, oh well a simple fix.

The dual Aquilas are properly cut through as a symbol of where the loyalty of this tank lies. There is also some dark fluid seeping from the front view port another tie-in to my Chaos force.

The finished product is below...........

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The sound of grinding treads is ever approaching.

I have finished the second turret for my Stormlord/ Stormsword/Doomhammer etc. This will function as every other turret except the Shadowsword. Why no Shadowsword? Well I'm not building a titan killer tank. I would rather focus on killing everything else on the tabletop.

The banner that depicts who this super heavy serves. The bloody script is tied with my Chaos forces, and that is who is commanding this bad boy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Necron codex, the review begins

Well after a few weeks I’ve decided to jump into the Necron codex. I’m not overly happy or sad with it. I am pretty Swiss with the book. There is stuff to like and to dislike. This doesn’t look like a must have army and will (hopefully) shut the mouths of the Codex Creep Cultists out there. The Necrons are new again, but they will not be as popular as the Wolves, Knights or other 3+ armies out there. I’ll start small with the army-wide and popular rules, and then blunder through the units like I always do. So without further ado…………………The Necron Codex!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not since Mansquito has a title said it all!

By the beard of Zeus! Whatever the hell this is it must be awesome!
I give thanks for not having seen this movie, although there are boobs in the first second!
Now to eat myself into a coma and hopefully awaken for some football games and pie.

Have a delightful Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, November 21, 2011

4th edition Necron showcase----Heavy

I was never a fan of any of the Destroyers, but still I bought two of the heavy version to try. I never had much success with them due to their cost, small squad size and "We'll be back!" range shenanigans. The idea of a mobile lascannon was neat, but not really as effective and efficient as one would think.

I was pretty happy with the Destroyer emerging from the ground. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

4th edition Necron showcase---fast

Now we get to my favorite unit from the last codex, the Scarabs! I can't rave enough about how awesome these guys were in the last book. They caused more havoc and doom than any other unit in that codex. Well at least in my area. If they didn't drag their target down, they kept it tied up and away from my horribly combat ineffective Warriors.

Now everyone and their sister thinks they are awesome now, but where they before? These thing are one of the two units to rock in the 4th ed and the world of 5th ed (before the fancy new codex). Screw those Destroyers and all that everyone said about them! Scarab swarms was where it was at!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My 4th edition Necron showcase- HQ

Well with the troops section dine here are their not so fearless leaders. 
Mr. On Foot Lord has a Rez Orb, Warscythe (mad from green tubeless Staff o' Light) and his Destroyer head is/was the Gaze of Flame upgrade. I never took to the metal official lords, so I made him from bits. he has a sort of Saturday Night Fever pose, but it was the best I could do with what I had.

Both of these guys served me well and even gave a bit of annoyance, with the all save negating Warscythe. Now they will probably return to their Tombs since the new lords look much better, and the Rez Orb will probably not be very prevalent in a Necron force I would run.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My 4th Edition Necron showcase---Elite

Well once these were both elite units, and now the Immortals are troops. Hooray? Well I'm not sure yet.

Like the Warriors I cut the guns down to remove the green rods. I think I has a much better look on the Immortals than the Warriors. I should still rectify that sometime.......

Friday, November 11, 2011

My 4th ed Necron showcase---Troops

5th edition had me return to the 40K universe and I did, with the Necrons. I figured I'd showcase what I have, before I decide to buy more or leave them to their tombs. I'll start with my core....the Warriors

Here are the majority of my Warriors. I have a strong just came out of the ground theme. It will be a bit more apparent on a few later pics. There are a lot of models with grass and dirt still clinging to them. Big surprise, I wanted my Necrons to be very zombie-like, so they are in
I ditched the Necron green for a lightning and regal blue instead. The eyes, guns and internal (ribcages) of my Necrons have a eerie blue instead. 

 I have broken the photos into three groups: the normals, halfies and the rest.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The last bits of Grey Knight codex review

The Grey Knights have the standard two Astartes dedicated transport options we all know and love. They also can have access to a third dedicated transport, if they take the right unit.

The humble Rhino and Razorback transports should all be widely known to everyone. They are a tiny bit different for the Grey Knights. First they each cost +5 points more than for regular Astartes forces. They also have the Aegis, like all Grey Knights. They also have the psychic pilot that all the Grey Knight vehicles come with. That means they have the psy power Fortitude as well. This extra gear and cool psy power make these a steal at only +5 extra points.

Real world interlude: EPITAPH TOUR 2011

Last night we hit the state capital for Thin Lizzy, Black Label Society and Judas Priest. It was pretty damn awesome! The Epitaph Tour 2011, the farewell tour for Judas Priest (well....probably the first one).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st read through before a deeper review.

After a good once through to the Necron codex I’m not unhappy with them. I think there are some good and questionable changes, but no real bad ones. So here is a quick overview of the book that brings my lovable Necrons to the front lines again, well possibly.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The ground rumbles as it approaches

What is it?

A super heavy tank that has been stuck on a Forge World (my closet) waiting to be finished.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Steamborg a love/ hate assembly

Well with Ramos, arachnids and now this guy Malifaux stater crew is complete. I just need to find a game somewhere. That will be the hardest part.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The last Inqusitor HQ and she's a looker!

Inquisitor Valeria is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. She has spent time and worked with many of the xenos races.  Now this isn’t awful and it is sort of frowned upon by some. It is her beliefs that get her branded a radical. She believes in winning by any means necessary. Yup that means she will even use the weapons of the “enemy” if it gets the job done. Valeria also thinks there are no lines that cannot be crossed and anything is permitted in the defense of the Imperium. This is seen as a big NO NO by many in the Inquisition.  It even gets her a beef with another Inquisitor when a cool anti-warp device is found. She wants to use it, and he wants to destroy the planet where it is located. Long story short....planet gets the old Exterminatus and Val is miffed. She swears revenge on him and so on and so forth.

Yeah this is an Inquisitor Game model, but it is the only female Inquisitor that I think Val should/might resemble.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Necron thoughts (then and now/soon)

As stated earlier, this is the first 5th ed codex I have a truly vested interest in. Sure I have a crap ton of dark Eldar, but they were a side army, not my main. The same for my Chaos forces. They are my second favorite, but not my main. The Necrons are, or were my main.

They were my 4th ed army of choice. I returned to 40K after a Lord o' the Rings hiatus with the Necrons. I loved those walking tin cans. They weren't world shattering good, but they could cause some havoc with the 4th ed rules. When 5th hit I played three games with them and realized how bad they were going to have it until a new codex. They silently returned to their tomb and have slumbered since.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well into the fall season

November is upon us and winter will be here before we know it.

Miniatures and such......

This past month has given me nothing but Necron rumors, and I avoided them all but one. I grabbed the codex and it will be here by weeks end. I have a sizable necron force. I'll go into detail about them in another post, but for now they are soon to be on the tabletops a bit more often.

Will that change the game? Nope! This will be a new army for some and an update for others. I think it will change the game as much as Dark Eldar did and not much more than that. Once people realize how awesome initiative 2 and glancing vehicles is, well then players will return to their Astartes army of choice.

I'll be happy with a new codex, especially for an army that is near and dear for me. This is the 1st codex release I really have a vested interest in. I await the book and ignore the internet noise about this army. It is the best way to go, I just wish more people thought that way. It would cut down on the stupidity.

I am all but done with painting, minus a few backpacks that need highlights. Then it is on to a big project (one of two) that I have been letting sit for too long.

T.V. land time.............

Walking Dead is still great, and I'm getting better at separating the comic from the show. It is still difficult, but I'm managing. The Talking Dead after show isn't awful and Chris Hardwick does a descent job running it. it is worth the 1/2 hour.

American Horror Story has turned out to be a fun show. It is a ghost story vs. family with sexy results! It has some great "What the shit!" moments. I'm not sure how they can make it last for more than a season or two with it getting stale or just too weird. It has a great creep factor and is fun, so I'll stick with it until it turns to crap.

Borrowed Rage and didn't hate it. It was a more than typical first person shooter. It was an Id title through and through. I might grab it when it price drops or shows up in the used titles. It was fun, but not full price fun.

Other than that, the video game front is barren for me, until next week. I am very much awaiting Skyrym. The Elder Scroll games are a riot and do a phenomenal job of sandbox fantasy. The ability to dual wield is what I am most excited for. It has been a long time coming. I look to make a sword and spell slinger or the standard two weapon wielding brute first. It will be a game time decision, but I'll probably run both eventually. Only another week and change until this game wrecks my free time with utter AWESOMENESS!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night re-cap

 Well another Halloween come and gone. We actually had a few kids this year, 15! That blows the old record of 2 out of the water. We handed out full sized candy bars; screw that "fun size" crap. It blew the minds of the little monsters that graced our doorstep. So with my dark powers now in decline until next year, almost all the candy gone and only a few pumpkins to dispose of...I sadly say goodbye to Halloween. I now cringe and retch a bit, at the fact that retail stores are pushing X-mas already.

Our pumpkins this year.

This was my Nurgle pumpkin. it was covered in bumps and knobbies. I thought it would make a suitable Plaguebearer with the stem/horn and boils/pustules that the knobbies resembled.
Manders did a Mr. Angry Eyes Bitey Mouth. 

Last is the pumpkinn foreshadowing the Despoiler's return. The 14th Black Crusade will soon be upon us!The gourd never lies!

Here they are lit up!